Dual Headphone Adapter

Bluetooth transmitter for 4.2 pc PC- Dual Headphone Adapter

There are many kinds of Audio transmitter on the market. But all Audio transmitter is not perfect for good performance. Today I will describe about Bluetooth transmitter for 4.2 pc PC as a best Audio transmitter.

Let’s face it!

Bluetooth transmitter for 4.2 pc PC- Dual Headphone Adapter



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Feature Of The Bluetooth transmitter for 4.2 pc PC:

  1. DESIGNED FOR ANALOG AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICES: The Priva III is the perfect solution to enable Bluetooth streaming from any device with an analog audio output e.g. TVs with RCA Audio ‘OUT’ or AV receiver with a big headphone jack. If your TV only has an Optical audio output, please consider the “Avantree Audikast” instead.
  2. LOW LATENCY WITH NO AUDIO DELAY: With the Priva III, you can simultaneously stream audio to 2 headphones with no lip-sync delay while watching TV, movies or gaming. (Please note that to achieve this low latency, your receiving device e.g. headphone/speakers must support AptX Low Latency or else you may experiencing an audio lag between the sound and picture.)
  3. LONG RANGE AND EASY CONNECT: Our state-of-the-art Class 1 Bluetooth technology transmits audio signals up to 100ft/30m so you don’t have to be “chained” to your device. In addition, the Priva III is a breeze to pair and auto-reconnects to the last paired device.
  4. FOREVER POWER: This Bluetooth transmitter won’t ever need charging because it runs on USB power from your TV’s USB port. It powers up automatically when you turn on your TV. Alternatively, you can also charge it using any phone charger, PC USB port or other 5V USB outlet.
  5. COMPUTER USB AUDIO: Ideal for PC use since it supports digital USB audio output. Just plug the Priva III directly into any PC USB port – no need for additional AUX cables.



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