best food for betta fish

Aquatic Foods Inc- best food for betta fish

There are many kinds of Fish Food on the market. But all Fish Food is not perfect for good performance. Today I will describe about Aquatic Foods Inc as a Fish Food.

Let’s face it!

Aquatic Foods Inc- best food for betta fish

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Features Of The Aquatic Foods Inc:

  1. Please note: All product photos are not exact, product color and sizes may vary a little
  2. These are a Small thinner Algae Wafer Size apx “3/8″ – 1/2” in diameter and apx 1/8′ thin. These are both sinking and floating for ALL Tropicals, not just Bottom Fish.
  3. AFI smaller/thiner wafers have apx 2000 or more per LB
  4. Not guaranteed to Immediately sink. As with ALL Wafers, there will always be some that take longer to sink. Some may even be Floaters.
  5. Our wafers are sifted and graded to remove most dust and most chips

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